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what you will learn From steve

My real estate system is being used by thousands of people who started with little knowledge, money or credit. Yet, after learning and applying my system and strategies, they’re making more money than they ever thought possible. Here are the strategies I use and teach on how to make money in the real estate investing business.

Wholesaling- Unless you have access to a large credit line, partners, or real cash, you can’t buy a lot of the great deals. Instead, tie up the property with a contract, and then look for a new buyer to give you more money than what you have to give the seller.

Owner/Seller Finance- When you owner-finance properties from sellers, you can buy property without a credit check or applying for a loan. Using owner financing allows you to buy as many properties as you can get your hands on.

Lease Options- A lease option is a lease agreement combined with a purchase agreement. You take control without taking title. How it Works----Buyer leases the property (usually for 1-5 years) and Buyer then has the right (option) to purchase the property on or before the end of that agreement.

Fix & Flip- Learn the exact strategies and techniques on how to buy, fix and flip houses for huge profits just like you see on HGTV, A&E and BRAVO from the TV Celebrities.

meet your mentor

Steve brings 25 years of experience in this business space as a real estate investor, motivational speaker, real estate mentor and coach. He has bought and sold hundreds of real estate properties with his students and has helped them accomplish their dreams and goals.

Steve also has been a real estate mentor and seminar speaker for many TV Celebrities and TV shows on ABC, HGTV, BRAVO and others.

Steve has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Sylvestor Stallone, Magic Johnson, PitBull, Daymond John, Alex Rodriquez, Hilary Farr, Tarek & Christina El Moussa, Grant Cardone, Madison Hildebrand from Million Dollar Listing, Sebastian Clovis from Tackle my Reno, Manjit Minhas Dragon's Den, Shay Millheiser Flipping Austin, Dave Seymour Flipping Boston, Egypt Sherrod Flipping Virgins, Adam Carolla and many others.

He has presented to over one million people in the United States and Canada over the last 20 years and is considered by many as one of the top speakers and mentors in the entire country.


  If I am qualified to give real estate and business seminars for all of the house flipping TV shows on HGTV, I’m qualified to mentor you. I had to beat out tens of thousands of real estate investors to represent these TV Stars.

I'm local and know the Texas market and I actually do deals today and have been since 1996. I know many authors, speakers and trainers who haven’t done a deal in years. Sad but true there are a lot of washed up real estate investors teaching things that don’t work anymore.


 You recieve Instant access to the HUNDREDS of lenders we work with, Regardless of your  credit. Why use your money when you can use (OPM)Other Peoples Money? 

We become your business partner and we have a vested interest in you doing well and making money because when you make money, we make money.

 I personally go out in the field & hold my students hands and look at properties with them, talk to potential sellers and buyers with them, make offers with them and help with contracts and everything from A-Z.